Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lemonade Stand Day #2

Hi all! It was another great day at the lemonade stand! Weather just doesn't get much better than was great lemonade weather!!!

I really the think that the stand is a huge success! Many people from the community are stopping by to make donations, big and small, and I've shared our story with several people who didn't know about Brady. I've been touched by several stories shared with me too. There are so many people in our world affected by cancer, that's for sure!

We sold out of all baked goods except for two plates. However when I got home Matt "found" a box of things that he had moved to the basement. Several of my relatives realized that we were low on baked goods and offered to bake tonight:)

Big news!!! We have made $800 in our first two days!!! We are so thrilled at the support of our community and can't wait to send the check off to the foundation. Combined with the online money, this means we have already exceeded our goal of $1,000!!! God is good:)

Here are a few pictures from the last two days...
Our stand

One day to go! Tomorrow is Matt's birthday!!! Happy birthday honey!!!


  1. Way to go. Congratulations on what you have done.

  2. What a beautiful weekend for this! Congrats on exceeding your goals!

    =D melanie

  3. Hope Matt is having a wonderful birthday! He is such a great daddy!!!! Yeah for lemonade!!!! :)

  4. That is fantastic! WTG! Everything looks soooo yummy! Happy birthday to your hubby!


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