Saturday, September 26, 2009

Footy PJ Time!

Another thing I just LOVE about fall is seeing my kids in footed pajamas! Just about nothing is more cute than a kid in those precious things:) We made a big deal about getting them out for the first time this year, and the kids played right along. They are SO excited about wearing pjs with feet! I'm a little less excited to realize that they are completely able to unzip those pjs this year...uggh!

I bought a scarecrow for outside our house and the kids are just amazed by it. Brady keeps saying, "Oooo mommy, a scare-CLOWN!" Ha! I'm hoping that we get to take our family trip to the pumpkin farm next weekend.

Tomorrow is a first in our family...the Williams family will be going to...a BOWLING ALLEY! My wonderfully adorable niece Aubrey turned 3 this week and her party is at a bowling alley tomorrow afternoon. Just one will be bothered by how loud my kids are in a bowling alley. Perhaps this will become our new hang out!

Happy weekend!


  1. Henceforth, now, and forever...scareclown! I love it. Little kids say the best stuff. :-}
    Happy weekend to you, too.

  2. Oh those jammies are the best! Too bad our third got out of them all the time. I had to cut the feet off and she wore them backwards at night so she wouldn't be freezing in the middle of the night and wake us up!

    Have fun bowling!

  3. Sadly, our girls have been in footed pjs for the last couple of weeks or so. It's been quite cool here in the mountains at night! ;) And if you have 3 cloth diaper pins...those work nicely across the top of the zipper so they can't unzip *I sometimes worked it through the 'eye' of the zipper.*

  4. I also love the footed pj's. It becomes harder to find them for older children (like Pagie). It makes me realize that she is getting too big for them and we will have to move up to the "girls" section!!!! I hope all went well at the bowling alley! Enjoy the week ahead knowing that God with with you even in the noise of the alley, He is with us always. See you soon....Heather


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