Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy Consignment Meg

Back by popular demand (not really) it's Megan's amazing husband. Megan has been gone all day volunteering at the Rochester consignment sale to she can get first dibs on all the stuff before the general public. She worked the 1-9 shift.

Not too much going on today as far as I know, but then again when I'm at work all day more goes on than I know about. I brought home Chinese for dinner and quickly learned that Allison loves it. That's great since liking Chinese (along with pizza, wings, and fast food) is a prerequisite for being a Williams. So long blog readers!


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  1. Matt-A little secret....Meg had chinese tonight too. She was with you guys in spirit! Thanks for being such a loving and kind husband to Meg. I know for a fact Mario would not have tagged all my items for this sale. Your the best!!! Jill


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