Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time for Fall

Fall is certainly here! I LOVE this time of year. The kids love to see all of the decorations that I put up around the house too! On the way home from PT, Brady and I stopped at a farm stand and bought pumpkins for each of the kids. I laughed all the way home watching Brady hold, rub, and hug his pumpkin as he sat in his car seat. Imagine the disappointment when I made the kids put them out on the steps outside!!

I had my first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting tonight. I'm just so blessed to have that group of women as a part of my life. We meet twice a month and now have over 30 moms in our group. It's such a nice chance to get out with people who "get" what it's like to have little ones.

Matt called and got the results of my Xrays. Nothing much unusual showed up, so this confirms Matt's theory that it is a muscle/joint problem. He is so wonderful to work on my neck/back every night. He is constantly trying new things to help me get better. What an amazing husband God has blessed me with...

This week's schedule is very busy, but next week isn't at all! So, I'm just chugging along this week. Tomorrow I'm volunteering at the consignment sale that I sell my kids' clothes/toys at each season. I have mostly boy's clothes since Allie is wearing many of Cara's old clothes. Then Thursday is consignment shopping day...woo hoo! I LOVE buying second hand and even did some Christmas shopping there last year. Shopping therapy should do me a world of good!

Thank you for all of your comments, phone calls, and emails this week! It is so nice to know that I have a supportive group of friends who care:)

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  1. Happy news all around...it's a good thing! This week will fly by, and then you can plan some fun time for next week.


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