Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Mom, Busy Kids!

The end of this crazy week is almost here! It has been busy busy, but with a lot of fun outings for me too! I just wish I could have spread all of these activities out over the next month, not just squished in one week. Today was my ever-so-exciting shopping day at the twice yearly consignment sale that I participate in. Basically I resell some of my nicer clothes and toys, volunteer for 8 hours, make 70% of what I sell, and get to shop before the public. I grabbed snowpants galore (3 pairs for our family and 4 pairs for friends' kids!), boots, sneakers, TOYS, clothes, and yes, even a potty seat. My next job is to write a letter to Santa to let him know that he can skip our house for Christmas this year because we are ALL SET! Woo-hoo! I love bargains almost as much as coffee!

Tomorrow is Cara's pre-op physical for her eye surgery (Oct 5th). Matt and I have plans for dinner with some of his coworkers. I can't remember the last time we went out to a meal with other adults:)

Brady and I had a good morning traveling to PT. We have decided to take the back roads for the next month or so (until the white stuff starts to fall) so that we can appreciate all of the wonder of fall. He LOVES to look out the window for different colored leaves. I was a proud momma at PT today when Linda helped him climb a ladder. It was a rope-type ladder with wooden rungs, so it wasn't very stable. But he coordinated his hands and legs and pulled himself with help from Linda. What a brave and strong boy he is!!! We are all noticing that he seems to be heavy-footed in the last few weeks. We are not sure if this is because he has been wearing sneakers more frequently, or if something else is going on. Of course this raises all kinds of red-flags for me, but I'm sure it is nothing. Scans will be sometime in mid-late October.

As far as cancer facts go, I have been quite forgetful lately. Also, I was having trouble finding new statistics out there! Perhaps someone reading has a question about Neuroblastoma? I would be more than happy to answer it, or at least find the answer:)

Happy Friday to all!

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