Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling Sappy Tonight...

So, it is back to school week for many. I have officially been home on maternity leave for 2 years and 7 months. I get a little nostalgic this time of year, in my own little way I miss the excitement of a new school year. In my former life I was a teacher like many of my friends and although I was always sad to see summer go, I looked forward to the challenge of new groups of students every September. I find myself very conflicted lately, like many stay at home moms. Certainly I know I'm doing the most important job of all as I'm home raising my young children. But I know that change is on the horizon...This is my last year of maternity leave if I want to retain a position with the school district that I worked in. So, in a few short months I have to make very big decisions about the future. So many aspects of life weigh into this decision that it makes my head hurt just to think about it. I sometimes focus so much on the decision that I have to make for next year, that I forget that life will be changing yet again in a few years. My kids are growing up at a pace that I never thought existed. As I watch their legs hang down from their highchairs I realize that the baby days have slipped by with barely enough time to savor them. I think that is why God sent Allie to our family. I hang on every coo, every raspberry she blows, every bedtime snuggle...Motherhood happened so fast for me, 4 babies in just 19 months, and now I realize that as quickly as it came, it is leaving. And in 2 short years, my big kids will be off to preschool and the next year Allie will be going. And by that time I'll for sure be back at work full time, away from my kids for long periods of time everyday. Just the thought makes me want to run into their room right now, pick them up, and never let them go!

I guess the reason I'm so sappy tonight is because I feel so busy lately, even though I'm not working outside of my house! So, so, so, incredibly busy that I can't even imagine adding a career to this crazy life of mine. I could give up a lot of the "extras" in my life, but I don't want that either! On I go then, depending on prayer and coffee to get me through these crazy days. I tell you all this just because it feels good to let it out, and maybe there is someone reading who can relate and not feel so alone in their own crazy busy world! We're all in this together!

Cara and I went to Rochester today for her appointment with the eye specialist. He has suggested that she have surgery to correct the muscle imbalance in her eyes that is causing her head tilt. It is a simple surgery (well I don't think cutting into some one's eyeball is simple!!) and although it requires anesthesia, she should be out in less than 20 minutes. He will basically be cutting a muscle in her eye, weakening it, so that it will "match" the weak muscle in her other eye. I've seen a lot of medical procedures in my days, but this one creeps me out the most by far!!! Surgery will be Monday October 5th.

Saturday is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Day. In honor of this day, and in honor of our brave cancer warrior, Matt and I will be going to the Ronald Mc Donald House in Rochester to drop off all of the food items that we collected at the Brady Bash. We decided not to bring the kids because the 6 of us plus all of the donated items would not fit in the van together! I will take pictures for sure! I will also be sending our check to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation this week.

I almost forgot! Here is a cancer fact for today: For every six research dollars per patient with AIDS and every one research dollar per patient with breast cancer, a child with cancer receives 30 cents.

And a few more pictures of our weekend

Mickey and Minnie say hi!

My brother and niece Aubrey (could she being any cuter?)

Matt and I working at the stand Monday


  1. Glad the lemonade stand was successful!

    I can't wait to see what you do with this career decision. I feel like parenthood would bring myself a similar struggle. I would be so involved in my children!

    However, I think you have to remember, ARE you setting a better example for them by sacrificing your past personal efforts and staying with them? Or by strengthening yourself, challenging yourself and following your dreams?

    Have your dreams changed? Maybe it is your dream to stay home with the babies?

    Most of your decisions, with illness, have been left in God's hands. Be grateful that now, you have choice again, it's up to you!

    (Of course, God can help guide you, when you ask!)

    I will be watching (as I have been) to see how this unfolds. I love watching people making decisions on how they are going to make a huge positive change...and both options you have here, are positive opportunities!

  2. Ah, Meg. Crazy how time flies by with these little ones, isn't it? You have lots of options, and you and Matt will make the best choices for your family when the time comes. I'll be praying for you.

  3. I think that the best of all worlds for moms would be job-sharing with someone. Mom could use her education and be out with adults for a while every week, but the kids would know that she would be there for special events.
    Whatever your decision is, it will be the right one for your family, I'm sure.
    Love and continued prayers,

  4. I too have been recently struggling with the demand of my crazy schedule! So much in fact that I have had to let some HUGE commitements go and I am really taking a good look at my priorities are and what is best for my family and for myself! I can do it all, but I can't do it all well!

    The time that our children are little is sweet and short lived. I don't want to miss a minute of it!

    The decision to go back to work can be such a difficult and personal decision! Thankfully you have some time to continue to pray about it and see what path the Lord might direct you in!

    I just loved the pictures of your weekend! You guys are so awesome!! I also cried when I saw the picture of Brady next to his sign at the stand! He is such and amazing kiddo and a fighter!! You are surely Blessed!


  5. You will know what you should do. And until you must decide, keep reveling in those babes.


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