Friday, September 25, 2009

So Glad She's Mine:)

Oh my Cara Kathleen...she is so special, so amazing...and I'm so glad she's my little girl. I know I talk so much about Brady (how could I not after all!) but honestly I marvel at each of them everyday. Each of them is my "favorite" depending on what day you ask me! Today, Cara was my favorite!

She had her preoperative physical this afternoon so we got to spend some quality time together. Cara, despite her definite spunk, is a very complient, loving little girl which always makes for some great one on one time together. She chats a lot in the car, which is SO different from Brady. All the way to Rochester she sat in the back seat and chatted about what she saw as we drove. Things like, "Oh mommy, clouds make me SO funny! Cara loves clouds and sun SO much!" came from the backseat and melted my heart as I listened in awe to her take on the world. She often talks about her feelings (is she her momma's daughter or what?) and gives her opinion openly! As we waited at the doctor's office, she casually flipped through some children's books saying, "I don't like this one, Nope, not this one either!" and put them back after giving me her two cents with each book. When we got into the room, the doctor told her she was going to have her lay down so that she could feel her tummy. As the doctor went to pull up her shirt, Cara proudly yanked down her undershirt and said, "Look at Cara's cami (camisole)" I had told her that is what they are called a few weeks ago when I bought them for her. And nothing makes a momma prouder than when your two year old speaks in amazing sentences in front of the doctor. "What shape is this wall mommy? Wow! Look at all the big circles on the floor!" She is so verbal and it is such a delight to listen to her explain the world!

They came in to give her the flu shot and another vaccine she needed, and they realized at the last minute that they had the wrong shot. At this point they had already wiped her arms with the alcohol swabs and were about to give her one in each arm simultaneously. She had NO clue what was about to happen, but I sure did. Then they realized they had made a mistake, and we had to wait 5 minutes while they went to go and get the right shot. Meanwhile Cara told me, "Wow, that lady cleaned Cara's arm nice!" When they came back, they quickly gave her the two shots. She flinched a little, but never cried. After we left the office and were waiting to check out, Cara pointed back at the room and said, "Ouch back in there mommy!" What a brave girl she is.

I'm so blessed to be her mommy!


  1. Meg,
    I love to read your blog about your kids. It reminds me of my kids when they were young and wishing for those days all over again. Enjoy these days together because they fly by toooooo quickly.
    Love, Deb R.

  2. What a dolly !!! Precious memories for sure. and I want to work out a time to come down and get to the know the Williams kids a you can have a night out once in a while with your hubby. Do Tuesday mornings work? Let me know...Janet


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