Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brady at PT

After an hour and 10 minute commute to Rochester this morning, our little hero was in quite the somber mood for PT. The rain and the construction caused our ride to be much longer than usual. Despite his not-so-spunky demeanor, I got some great pictures of Brady and Linda working hard!

Brady sitting and watching Linda demonstrate what he will do!

Up and ready to go!

Brady had to "pick apples" by reaching up high on his tippy toes. Then he put the apple in his pocket.

Next he got to jump on the trampoline! Look at how high he was:)

Finally, Brady had to walk across the balance beam and put his apple in the bucket. Go Brady!

I wanted to share a beautiful article that was written by our friends Mark and Laurie Napoleone and published in the Batavia Daily News. Please click here to read how we can all Lend a Hand for Hope against childhood cancer. Thank you Mark and Laurie for your hard work, dedication, and passion towrads helping families affected by cancer invovling one of their children. THIS family knows how much your generosity can make a difference, and THIS family is proud to join you in the fight!

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  1. I am glad that even after the yucky car ride, Brady was still able to have a productive time at therapy. Now, from those pictures it looks like he is taking Superman's place (Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound)!! Way to go, Brady . You ROCK!!!


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