Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off to Albuquerque!

I'm all set to go! Okay, truthfully I haven't even started packing, but Matt gets home at 1pm tomorrow, and I'm leaving at that gives me 1 good hour to get things in a suitcase!

I'm cringing at the thought of leaving my babes for 3+ days. You know how when you leave your family you miss the sounds of their voices, the touch of their tiny hand in yours, even the way their hair smells when you are snuggling them on the couch? And did I mention that Eli is in love with his mommy this week? He has always reserved his affection for me, almost as though he knows how much it bugged me. But THIS week, he is thanking me for everything (example, "Thanks Mommy for turning on the light!") He is running into the room just to give me a hug, and telling me that he is going to wave at me when I'm up in the airplane. Oh he is the sweetest, schmoopiest boy!!! And Cara is saying the funniest things everyday that I'm afraid I'm going to miss something! Yesterday Brady was telling her to come and play with him. She looked right at him with her hands on her hips and said, "Not now Bwady, I'm POOPING!" Allie girl is a sweetie pie as always and has starting saying "Ma Ma Ma" as she crawls around...makes me just melt. And let's not even talk about my Brady...

BUT!!! I am excited to go! It's that kind of excitement where you just want to get there and get on with it already. I can't wait to meet my friend's family and see a new part of the country! Enchiladas and cacti here I come!

I told Matt that I thought it would be great if he took over blogging duties for the weekend. He looked at me with a less-than-excited expression. Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion on that one.

Perhaps I'll have a minute to check in while I'm gone?

In the words of my kids, "Ta ta for now!"


  1. You go and have fun! And bring back a good enchilada recipe, please. I love them.
    Happy trails to you. (That's from Roy Rogers, but you are too young to know him.)

  2. I know how you feel about going away. I am going away next week to the beach, I am even taking my kids. My husband and animals are staying home. I worry about my husband being alone, I worry that the animals won't get taken care of like I would take care of them (although at the same time I know everyone will be fine). But on the other hand, like you, I am so excited for the break! Have a great time!


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