Friday, September 4, 2009

Lemon Things Everywhere!

Tomorrow is set up day! My kitchen is already filling up with lemon baked goods and I didn't know it would be this hard to resist sampling a few:) I'm going to be a total sap tonight and tell you I have been weepy today just thinking about what we are doing. It is just a simple lemonade/bake sale, but in my heart it means SO much more. I can't help but think of Alex Scott, the little girl who came up with the idea of selling lemonade to raise money for cancer research. I think of her and all of the other children who have lost their lives to cancer. My thoughts are also on those fighting this disease right who are far away from home, enduring unthinkable treatments, unable to start school next week like their peers. And I sadly think of the children who someday soon will be diagnosed with cancer. Oh how my heart breaks to think of them...

So, what can we do? There is that saying by Mother Theresa about how we all can't do great things in our lives, but we can do small things with great love. In the scheme of life, a lemonade stand with some cupcakes and cookies I guess is a small thing. But I know that there is GREAT LOVE being poured into this project by our family and from everyone who is donating and volunteering. And I want to thank you for showing your great love to this worthy cause. THANK YOU!!!

Okay, just one more piece of sappy/sad stuff I promise!
Cancer fact #4 The causes of most childhood cancers are unknown. At present, childhood cancer cannot be prevented.

Today brought some normalcy back to our house (well, relatively speaking!) The kids all seem to be healthy again, appetites are back, no fevers to be found. I'm holding my breath that it is all behind us and we can fully enjoy the weekend ahead! Brady has started this new love affair with his blankie since being sick. He wants to drag that blanket around all day, and he just snuggles it and says, "My blankie! I love it!" That boy is the best...

I'm thinking of possibly opening the stand tomorrow night during the battle of the bands. If everything goes well with set up and things with the kids are okay tomorrow, then I think I will. We are right near the stage, so I think people might like having some lemonade and dessert while enjoying the performances! Stop by and see us if you are there!

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  1. I'll be dropping off a few cupcakes tomorrow afternoon. Good luck this weekend!! :o)


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