Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Sick Momma

So I flew home from Albuquerque a day early. I'm home, back in my world, and my heart is happy. I had a great, albeit short, trip to New Mexico, but last night I just knew I had to get home. I felt sick the whole time I was there, actually quite sick on Friday night. That combined with a ton of neck pain and just a sense of needing to be back with my family caused me to switch return flights from Monday to Sunday. I think Matt was shocked when I called him. Here I was having a "break" from my stressful world, yet I wanted to get home almost as soon as I left. I had fun while I was there too! Julie's family was wonderful and I even found New Mexico to be a very amazing place. I'm coming to realize that I'm just a different type of girl than I used to be. Perhaps my adventurous, care-free days are behind me. I needed my family and am so glad to have them back! I'll share a few pics and some stories about my trip tomorrow. For now, I have a suitcase to unpack and a hubby to hug.


  1. Hi Meg,
    I so know how you feel. My high school friends and I had plan a weekend away...girls weekend! I couldn't wait! Once there shortly after I wanted to be home with my family. Not that I wasn't having fun. I just wanted to be with them. So much changes once you become a Family:)


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