Monday, November 23, 2009

Angel Noah

I'm sad to report that Noah Biorkman, the boy I told you about a few weeks ago, passed away this morning. I don't have to tell you how this makes me feel, the fear/anger/sadness that another child dying from Neuroblastoma brings to my heart. Please pray for this family as they cope with the loss of their precious boy.

I did want to tell you that the family received over 1 million Christmas cards! So many that they actually asked people to stop sending them weeks ago! I started thinking how wonderful it was, but then I realized something even greater...that is over 1 million people who now know about Neuroblastoma. I just know that God is using sweet Noah's short life for a purpose...

My thankful thought for today...

I am thankful for time. Time to spend with my family. Time to love those in my life. Time to celebrate special holidays and birthdays. Time to see Brady continue to amaze. And time to see how God will use his story to change lives. I'm thankful for each and every moment.


  1. This is a sad and lovely post. Thanks for helping me keep a little perspective on the value of time. Happy Thanksgiving. Your family photo is beautiful.

  2. I will keep Noah's family in my thoughts. Now if we could just get each person who sent a card to donate $1.00 or more to find a cure for neuroblastoma. As I am thankful that I can do my part, I will. I hope others can do the same. Happy Thanksgiving.


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