Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Big Accomplishment

Well, at least in our eyes it is! Today for the very first day in the history of our family that our Brady boy stayed in the nursery at church! Sure there was 5-10 minutes of him crying while mommy huddled in the hallway outside of the nursery crying, but after that...he did it! Up until now he had never been able to calm down after we left. WE have always had to go back and get him. But NOT TODAY! We had been talking about going to church all weekend and the anxiety really grew for poor Brady. Whenever any of us talk about church he chimes in with, "But not today mommy!??!?!" Eli and Cara as so cute about trying to help him. They hold his hand as we walk into church, they offer to play with him, and today Cara even helped me say a prayer before we left asking Jesus to make Brady brave. So precious...

I attempted to get some Christmas stuff up today, but I didn't get far at all. I have a hubby who inst' yet feeling the spirit, so I told him I would try and get it done myself. Well, I have the fall stuff down and a half lit wreath hanging by my back door.

With four days until Thanksgiving, I'd thought I'd start off the week with a thankful thought and continue doing so throughout this week.

My Thankful thought for today: I'm thankful for a God who saved me by His grace and sees me through the storms of life, always giving me what I need to go on.


  1. Meg-I love the outfits you found for the boys-so preppie! I really hope eventually you'll post some of your family portrait shots for all of us who are probably not on your Christmas card list!! Love the shots you've posted-I'd hire your sister-in-law if I needed a photographer! Have a wonderful, blessed, happy Thanksgiving!
    Cindy L.

  2. Hi Megan

    1. Yahoo for Brady. That is a BIG achievement.

    2. Yahoo for you at least thinking about the Christmas decorations. I'm doing that too....thinking about them that is :)

    3. Yahoo for the beautiful picture of your four precious munchkins.

    4. Yahoo for reminding me to stop and be thankful amongst all the chaos swirling around. Amen.

    Cheerio from the other side of the planet.



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