Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swine Flu


Never in my life have I been more confused and frustrated by a health concern in regards to my children. Honestly, I understood Brady's cancer treatent protocol better than I understand all of this swine flu stuff. It has become apparent to me that no one knows...thus the confusion. I was 100% opposed to the vaccine about 2 weeks away. No way, no how was I letting anyone inject more stuff into my kids. Then kids start dying, people I know start getting sick, and I start reconsidering the risk/benefit for my family. I've come to the conclusion that I have to put my uneasiness aside and vaccinate my children for H1N1. The turning point came when a local child died after contracting H1N1 and I started thinking "what if?"

I remember how helpless I felt when Brady's life was at risk, when we didn't know if he would live or die, when we had to hand him over to surgeons we had never met. I hated that feeling, but there was nothing I could do about it. So now I am confronted with this swine flu thing, and trust me, I'm quite skeptical person when the government tells me to do something. However my sentiments starting changing when I allowed myself to imagine the guilt I would feel if one of my children did get it, and hadn't done what I could to prevent it. I hated the way that felt.

Okay, so I have decided to get our family vaccinated (when I say I, I mean "we!" Matt and I have been 100% in agreement on this issue:) Sounds easy enough? Oh wait, no one seems to have this crazy vaccine. There is a clinic tomorrow that I will be dragging my children to (well the oldest three). The health department had an article in the paper that I literally read 10 times and still don't understand what they were saying. They tried to list what was available and who should/shouldn't come. It made NO sense. We are going anyway. How fun it will be to stand in line for who knows how long and then watch as the first, the second, and the third child gets squirted up the nose by a stranger. It frustrates me to no end that I am unable to bring my child to their doctor's office, discuss everything with my doctor, and then have her vaccinate them. But, we have to do what we have to do.

So there, that is my take on the vaccine issue. I've been telling my friends as we discuss this (and boy, I think I have discussed this with just about all of my friends) that the best I can do is pray about it, make a decision, and pray for peace about it.

I'm adding this to my list of "Motherhood is hard because..."


  1. As a mom of triplets who went to the pediatrician and sat in a waiting room full of sick kids to get my kids the h1n1 vaccine and then was turned away because they have "chronic" illnesses and cannot receive the nasal one, I would double checkon Brady and the live vaccine. two of mine have asthma and one has type 1 diabetes and they told me no and we have to wait for the actual shot version.

  2. Yes, I have looked into the live vaccine issue. And yes, chronic health conditions are included, which obviously includes cancer. However, Brady is not considered to have "active cancer" and is not immunosupressed due to cancer treatment (chemo). His blood counts are as normal as you or I. I feel as comfortable giving it to him as any of the other kids. It's frustarting isn't it, that people with other health conditions who are at higher risk for complications should they contract H1N1 are the ones having to wait to get vaccinated?

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my triplets were in the clinical trial for the H1N1 vaccine back in August and September. They have had NO problems, side effects, nothing. My husband and I have also gotten our H1N1 vaccines as we are in Tier 1 (high risk group) for other reasons.

    Brady should not get the mist.

    Your other two can get the mist. I forget how old your littlest one is, but if they are over 2 years of age, then they can get the mist as well.

    My best advice is to call the health department and explain your situtation so they hold a intermuscular vaccine for Brady (and your little one if necessary) at the clinic. They also may allow you to go to the head of the line if you explain your entire situation -- that is what we are doing here, but every state/city is different.

    Hope that helps! Many hugs and prayers!

  4. I think that with any vaccination issue, the decision to get the H1N! vaccine is a personal choice that each mother and father need to make together. So good for you for making a decision and doing what you feel is the best thing for your children!

    Right now I am sitting in my house, for the 4th day straight with 2 little ones that have the swine flu. I feel lucky actually, that my boys have a very mild case of it and seem to be on the mend.


  5. We'll be getting the reg flu shot this month but they don't have the swine available for our area. So I won't be getting them vaccinated. Our counties around here only got 10,000 doses and they are for doctors/nurses first and then the rest get them. We can't go to the clinics either because we have health insurance and they are only giving them to people who don't. Crazy huh?! Lots of prayer is going on over here to keep our kids safe...that's all I can count on!


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