Sunday, November 15, 2009

Small Successes

Another blog that I follow is Multiples and More, a site for moms of twins, triplets, or more. Today they discussed celebrating small successes in life instead of focusing on what didn't get done. I love this idea because I feel like I only ever get small things done, and maybe I'll feel better if I pat myself on the back about doing so:)

So here is my list of 5 small successes for the week. I'd love to hear yours too!

Megan's List of "Tiny" Accomplishments (in our house, our kids love the word tiny)

1. I tried a new recipe for pumpkin crumble, and it was well received both those wearing bibs, and those without.

2. I sorted through clothes that have been piling up for months in the kids' closet making consignment, garage sale, giveaway, and save for Allie bins.

----I'm pausing for a few minutes while I rack my brain...

3. I wrote out thank you cards for Allie's party.

4. I came up with a gift idea for all of the children on our Christmas list (all 16 of them!)

5. I mastered a plan for keeping Allie as clean as possible in the van knowing that she will get car sick.

That was harder than I thought!

I hope your weekend was a great one!


  1. Oh Megan. I know how you feel! And yes, I've learned that if I don't rejoice the small things then yes, I'll feel constantly down.
    Thanks for putting that into words so beautifully.

    And my 5 small things of last week:

    1. Mr Age three made it through his swimming lesson without a screaming tantrum.

    2. Miss Six with special needs did a somersault in the water at swimming. Not bad for a girl who they said may never walk.

    I too am pausing to think! Funny how two things are obvious and the rest take thought?

    3. There was something to eat for dinner every night....even if takeaway was involved more than I would like.

    4. I run a small business which is busy pre-Christmas. All my customer orders were filled and posted (That really is a big achievement yes it isn't obvious to me. Oh dear!)

    5. My Mum is having a mastectomy tomorrow. We have made it through until today without her being nervous or panicky. Today she's not so chipper but at least we kept her spirits up last week.

    Great photo of Brady with the elephant. I'll miss the cute photo of him with his bib but he really has grown hasn't he?

  2. Love the new header. Such a cute picture of sweet Brady standing all on his own. It truly shows how far he's come. I have some unsolisited advice for you on having a child that gets car sick. It is horrible, I know as I was one of them and my oldest was as well. A few ideas if you like. Seating her in the middle seat so she looks out the front window not the side. I know it sounds weird but it really works. Avoid anything that is acidic like juice at least 1 hour before you leave, and dressing in lighter clothes especially in the winter when they wear snowsuits and the heat is on helps. If we were going on a long trip I always had them remove their jackets for the ride. Finally gravol all the way for very long trips.. I don't know what I would have done without it.
    They grow out of it thankfully. :)

  3. wow! great list!! It feels so good to be able to see things that we do,otherwise I had to rack my brain too!!

  4. Samantha--I appreciate your tips for car sickness so much! In our van set up right now, I have the triplets in the back row and Allie in one of the captains chairs behind the passenger seat. My only other option for where to put her would be in the middle of the back seat. I didn't know if putting her farther back would help or make it worse?!? The dressing in lighter clothing is something I just started doing. And I can't wait until she turns 2 and we can try some sort of medication for this problem. The poor thing! The best thing I've found is putting her in a bib with a big pocket, putting a washcloth under that and tucked around the collar of her shirt, and then a towel over her lap. Before we leave I put soapy washcloths in a zip lock and of course extra clothes.

  5. The recipe for pumpkin crumble sounds yummy. I'll try it too if you have time to post the recipe.

    As an adult who has gotten car sick all my life, a blast of the air conditioner really helps (even in the winter). It gets me over the hump sometimes. If she still gets sick int the car once she's a little older, it may help to keep large ziploc bags in the car. She probably is still too young to predict and aim now.

  6. Hey Meg. Just wanted to say that I think several things on your list aren't that small at all!! Good work!


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