Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Highway Adventure

Today was a definite day that reaffirmed our membership in the We are THAT Family Tree Society! As Brady, Allie, and I drove in the pouring rain to their doctor's appointment, I knew that Allie was going to throw up as we got onto the highway. And she did...everywhere...all over...everything.

So I pulled over, got out of the car, stood in the rain, and started cleaning her up. Once I realized she needed to be changed from head to toe, I decided to go back around to the other side of the van and get in so I could keep us all warm and dry. I said a quick prayer that God would protect us as we were pulled over with semis whizzing by at 70 miles an hour. I changed Allie, plunked her into another car seat, and off we went. While I was unloading the kids and getting soaked, I realized that I didn't have an extra coat for Allie. So she went without a coat and we probably looked pretty raggedy by the time we arrived.

After that fiasco, the doctor's appointment went pretty well. Allie continues to be in the 80-85th percentile for height and weight. She is meeting all of her milestones and exceeding many of them! She got two shots without even blinking a eye, no crying at all. We checked Brady's weight and according to the scale (which I'm convinced is the most inaccurate scale around) he is up almost 3 pounds. Although I don't think he has gained that much, I was satisfied that the doctor won't be quite as concerned for a while. Then the poor guy had to get a shot. I didn't tell him about this ahead of time and felt awful when he realized it was his turn. He made quite a fuss, but recovered quickly! My poor boy...he really has quite a lot of disdain for the medical community!

The weekend is here again! I was able to find outfits for the boys so we are all set for family pictures Saturday. This is an area for prayer:) Will the Williams Family be able to sit still, all 6 of them, long enough to get a decent family picture? Divine intervention needed!


  1. Did the doctor have any suggestions for Allie's carsickness? Did he think this was something she'd outgrow?

  2. Curious to what the doctor said about Allie's car sickness?

  3. family pictures...ahhhh...the car sick thing, well the cure for my girlies is benadryl before we travel. it has worked for them quite well.


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