Friday, November 20, 2009

Woo Hoo for the Weekend

Ahhh, Friday is here again! I am ready for family pictures tomorrow. My sister in law Kristen has started a photography business and she will be using her talents on our crazy family. I think we will be her toughest clients so far, but I can't wait to see the results. You can check out her work here.

A few of you asked about Allie's doctor's appointment and any recommendations from the pediatrician about car sickness. We actually saw a different doctor yesterday, but did briefly talk with our doctor in the waiting room. Unfortunately neither doctor had any solution for the problem. One recommendation to try was switching her position in the car. I'm going to try putting her in the middle seat in the back row, middle position is supposed to be better, but back row is worse. Hmmm! There are medications for older children but they knock you out for 3-4 hours so that is not an option right now.

I forgot to mention that the doctor could no longer detect her heart murmur! This is an answer to prayer for sure! We do still have to follow up with the cardiologist in January, but that should be the end of it.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend? Anyone else digging out the Christmas stuff? I should probably put the scarecrow away first...


  1. Such a wonderful answer to prayer Matt & Megan. I love the updated picture of Brady, Matt I think he looks like you in that pic. Isn't God good? Look at how far Brady has come. I know the journey isn't over, but God will supply all your needs. Prayers continue for you and yours.

  2. My oldest child was carsick from before she was one until about 4. It was so hard to go anywhere. My best tip is no milk before you leave. It helps so much when they get big enough to hold a bucket.

  3. From a parent whose daughter often got car sick. Today she turns 29 and still gets sick in the back seat if the driving is not a calm drive. Make sure Allie can see out the front window, don't let it get too warm in the car and keep your turns and braking as gentle as possible.

  4. Meg,
    Good to hear about Allie's doc appt. Thanks for the link to the Hamm Photo webite. And YES! I will be digging out the Christmas decorations this weekend. We go to my oldest daughter's for Thanksgiving and then the first weekend in December, my son and family from CA and my son in Baltimore come home for Christmas, soooooo we will celebrate Christmas!!! Thank goodness I have an extra long weekend next week to get ready.

    Thanks for your updates. I can't go to bed at night until I have checked your blog!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Love, Deb :)

  5. I would love to decorate this weekend. My husband would get a little mad if I did. I am shooting for next weekend. =D


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