Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Days

I like days like today. We did something fun, we hung out with people we love, and the kids all acted quite well! Today we went to lunch with our friend "Gramma" Lynn. She is leaving for Florida on Saturday and will be away for the next 5 months. She is definitely in the kids' inner circle, they truly adore her. My mom, the kids, and I met her at Denny's for a lovely lunch. The kids were amazingly well-behaved and it was quite an enjoyable time. I was a proud momma as 3 different people came up and complimented me on how great the kids acted in the restaurant. After lunch we came home and roamed around outside for a few minutes. The kids are at such a great age for easy entertainment. Just a walk around the yard (and through the landscaping) is a great time for them. Having toddlers reminds me everyday of the simple joys in life.

Okay so after that great shot, the kids were looking down at the dirt. Mom and I said, "Okay guys, look up!" We wanted them to look at the camera, and the very literal minds of toddlers led to this pose...

Handsome boy...


I asked the kids to sit next to each other on the hill so I could take a picture. They did for a milisecond, then started sliding down the hill on their bums.


  1. Oh my gosh, the cuteness is too much!! Love the "look up" picture.

  2. Yes aren't they literal!? It always amazes me how they look at their world around them and how easily they are pleased by the simple things like a walk around the yard, or a wooden spoon and bowl. Enjoy them now, before they become bored with the simple and crave the expensive. Prayers continue, and keep the pictures coming, I so enjoy watching them grow and I miss talking to Matt about them. Take care.


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