Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Out on the Town Again

My mom and I took the kids on another adventure today. We headed to the Museum and were there until 3pm! Matt and I got a family membership the last time we were there. We are quickly learning with a family of 6 that often a yearly membership pays for itself in two visits! The Strong Museum is such an amazing place that we are so fortunate to be so close to!

Mom and I did really well handling all 4 kids just the two of us. Allie was in her stroller and the big kids walked, holding hands of course! They stuck together all day and outside of a few "Brady moments" the day was a big success! The best part of the day was that Allie didn't get sick at all! We were in the car at just the right times both in the morning and the afternoon so that she slept the whole time. I was so happy that she didn't' have to feel sick at all (Okay, I was also happy that I didn't have to clean up barf:)

Tomorrow is Allie's 1 year check up and Brady's weight check and immunization. I'm praying that Brady is cooperative and does okay with the shots. He just had a shot last week, so I know he isn't going to want to go back to the doctor. And for Allie I'm praying for no signs of her heart murmur and a solution for her motion sickness!

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