Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heard Around Our House

With 2 1/2 year old triplets running around all day, you can imagine that there are some pretty interesting things coming out of their mouths. We are continually cracking up on the hilarious explanations they provide for the world around them.

This morning I heard the triplets talking about some sort of bug in Allie's room. I went to investigate and saw a ladybug on the wall and three very inquisitive children standing over it. I told them to leave it alone and they answered by saying, "No mommy, MACK (smack) IT!" I guess they picked up this whole "smacking" concept during the summer months when we smacked the occasional fly or bee in the house. I told them to just leave the ladybug alone and I went about my business. All of a sudden I hear them hollering and running toward the kitchen yelling, "Let's go! Mack it!" They grabbed their plastic play utensils from their kitchen set and ran full speed towards Allie's room like an army rushing to battle. I followed them and came into the room to see them trying to whack the life out of that poor bug. I was a little shocked by the violence of it all, so I told them to come sit down so I could tell them a story. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Mommy wants to tell you something special about everything in our world. All of the animals, and plants, the sun, and even that bug was made by God."

Them: "Wow. Made by God!"

Me: "Yes, even YOU were made by God. Everything that is alive in our world was made by God. So that little ladybug was made by God too. And it makes God sad if we kill the ladybugs that He made."

Brady: "Yeah. Mommy...Cara macked the ladybug!"

Cara" (in a very slow, deliberate voice) "No Mommy, BRADY macked GOD's ladybug!"

Me: laughed hysterically

I love those little innocent minds. They are so clueless and wonderful all at the same time and talking with them is SO much fun!


  1. So sweet and cute! What lovely way to talk to them about this situation! Really good thinking--thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the thought of them all "macking it" especially with their cooking utensils... how those wheels in those minds are turning. SO glad to see and hear things are going well.. and they are all so very precious. God Bless all of you.

  3. Ha, Megan!

    Wait until next time you kill a fly or a spider and you hear your "lecture" coming back to you almost word for word!

    hee hee, the joys of mothering...


  4. So sweet! I just love those precious moments!


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