Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Trip to Lowes!

Grandma Sandy was kind enough to call me last night and tell me that Lowes was having a free Kid Construction Project this morning. She offered to stay home with Allie, so I packed up the three amigos and off we went. My mom had taken them to one of these a few months ago. Basically they provide you with a cute Lowes apron and give you a kit to make a wooden craft of some sort. The projects use real wood, nails, and a hammer, so at age 2 1/2 it is more of a show and tell project.

The kids looked like this as we left the house...

They were SO cute I could hardly stand it. Here we went, hand in hand, across the parking lot and marching into the home improvement store! They had the sunglasses, the aprons, and their hammers in their pockets ready to go! We had a great time making little garages and even got a little wooden race car to go inside. A few friends of ours were there too, so that made it even more fun. And what kid doesn't love to go and look at all of the Christmas decorations? They pushed every button on every tacky automated piece of Christmas decor that the store had...FUN!

We had a great dinner at Grandma's house and the kids spent time with their cousins. Oh, and before I go, I have to share these pictures of Eli. This is his best friend "Nuffy" (Snuffleupagus from Seasame Street). He has both "little nuffy" (a small plastic one) and "big nuffy" (a larger stuffed Snuffy that mommy found online last year for Christmas). He brought both Nuffies to snack time today and I cracked up watching him feed Nuffy some raisins!


  1. sorry i haven't been here in nuffy eating raisins and leaving turds on the tray? well..just being honest that's what it looks like. oh, somedays i can't handle one toddler how do you do it? glad to see them all healthy and having fun, what a beautiful family:)

  2. So what did their garages turn out like?? Glad you had fun! Heather


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