Friday, November 13, 2009

Changes and Stages

Toddlerhood is such a wild ride! I remember when the triplets were infants and just as I got used to one stage, they would change, and our routine and schedule would need to change too. Now that they are toddlers, they are changing a little bit more slowly, but it seems the changes are really BIG ones.

The dreaded potty training project is still hanging over my head. I keep telling myself, "I'll do it after the holidays" like it is some sort of New Year's Resolution or something!

All of a sudden the kids don't NEED to be in a wagon or stroller. They can walk next to me, hold hands in a parking lot, and they do all of this quite well. I guess it makes things easier, but a small part of my heart breaks to think that they don't that safety and security anymore.

The kids are still in cribs (thank GOD!!) I guess they are unusual in that they have never climbed out. I planned on keeping them in their until at least Kindergarten (ha!) but Brady had to go and break a wrung on his crib the other day. He was falling down on purpose and being super silly, and I heard a wrung crack and fall onto the floor. It isn't fixable and now the pressure is on to get toddler beds for them. Wait a minute!!??! They will be able to get out of bed whenever they want, do whatever they want in their room? I want my control back!!! I'm seriously sweating this transition too...

So, they are growing, changing, exploring, testing. All things they are supposed to do, but all things that keep me on my toes every day. Thank goodness for Allie. She gladly wears diapers, rides in her stroller, and sleeps soundly in her crib!


  1. thinking about the transition from cribs to beds can send me to a borderline panic attack!!! :) wait as long as you can! (i now say the same thing about potty training. the longer you wait, the faster it happens because the kids will be that much more ready and willing and able)

    :) karen

  2. oh yes, I am NOT looking forward to those changes with our little Tommy! Our Charlie was a breeze at both transitions, but our little guy is a tough one!

    I just keep telling myself that they all eventually use the toilet and I am MORE then happy to let him stay in his crib AS LONG as he wants!!!

    Good luck!! I will be interested to hear about your progress!!

  3. Megan, Oh I laughed when I read your post. Our daughter has a disability so she didn't crawl until she was over 2 and walk until she was 3. She only got out of her cot into a bed because her brother arrived when she was 3-1/3 and we needed the cot for him. Here was me worrying about her as the 'difficult' child back then. Oh I was wrong.

    Our tornado boy, now aged 3, climbed out of his cot at some ridiculously early age. So we converted the cot into a toddler bed. But he wouldn't stay in it. And I could go on and on but let's just say, his sister is now looked upon as the 'easy' child and he's our little challenge.

    But at least life is NEVER dull!!!

    Thanks for your posts. I so enjoy reading about the happenings at Clan Williams.


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