Friday, December 11, 2009

14 More Days Until Christmas

Well with 14 more days to go, I'm feeling pretty ready for Christmas this year. Gifts have been bought, some have been wrapped, cookies are being made tomorrow, and hey, we even have snow!

By far the best part of this year is sharing the true meaning of Christmas with my children. Sure they love to read stories about Santa and watch Rudolph on tv with me (and so do I!) but they are so eager to hear the wonderful story of Jesus' birth. And the best part is to hear their interpretation and telling of the story. Cara has renamed her baby doll Jesus and told me to call her Mary. She even said, "Mommy, you can be Joseph!" She dumped Allie's books out of her book basket, dumped baby Jesus in, and told me "Look Momma, Jesus in the danger (instead of manger." And perhaps the funniest thing they say is in regards to the three wise men bringing frankincense to the Jesus. When I say the word frankincense, they instantly reply, "Frank...where's Frank!?!" We know a few Franks, so I think they are looking for Frank in the picture!

This weekend is a pretty quiet one around here. The kids are going with Grandma and Grandpa to get their Christmas tree and see Santa. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one!

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  1. Some pictures of the snowy landscape, if you have time, please Megan!

    We, on the other side of the planet withering, in heat need to be reminded that there is another season, somewhere far away, that doesn't involve air conditioning, cold drinks, sleeveless shirts and swimming - lots.

    Good night from hot, hot, hot Brisbane :)


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