Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cara’s Big Day!

What a great time I had today with my little girl and my mom! Today was our big outing to see Madeline’s Christmas in Rochester. The show was lovely and of course Cara just loved that the whole cast was made up of little girls! She did very well sitting through the whole performance. Of course I was slipping her mini marshmallows and my mom was giving her Smarties throughout the entire show! It was great to spoil just her for the day.

Any Williams family outing is not complete without a little mishap. My mom had to make a quick stop after the show and Cara and I were waiting in the car. She announced that she had wet through her diaper by saying, “Mommy, I wet through it all!” Sure enough, she was drenched…but I was relieved I had packed an extra outfit. She had pants, a shirt, and s….oh wait, I didn’t pack socks! She was wearing tights (which also were soaked) and I hadn’t thought to pack socks. So my poor baby went to lunch with no socks and her dress shoes. She was hilarious as her and I were cramped in the back of the van changing her. As people walked by she would say, “Hi lady, do you have a pair of socks?” Then we we drove to lunch, she pointed at the car next to us and said, “She got no socks, just gloves!” I did put my mittens on her bare feet on the drive to the restaurant which she thought was too funny! As always, she was a great sport about the whole thing!

Here  we are today before we left for the show!

December 2009 008


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  1. What a funny little dolly she is!! :o) I'm glad you had a great day together.


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