Thursday, December 3, 2009



I want to say thank you to everyone who is reaching out to help Kyler Van Nocker and his family. I don’t think this family has a carepage, caringbridge site, or blog. Their story was first told by a local reporter in Philadelphia and is spreading on the web and on other pediatric cancer blogs. I did read today that Medicaid (the family must have picked up secondary insurance for Kyler) might have covered their first treatment. But the bottom line is, this family has depleted their savings and all assets to try and find a cure. Thank you to all who have given $1 to help this family during a time of unimaginable stress and grief.

It’s picture day! I’ve had some fantastic pictures to share with you. On Wednesday my mom and I took the kids to visit Santa at the mall. We have never done this before and of course the many different personalities among the kids made for an interesting time!

When we got to the mall, Santa wasn’t there yet. Don’t they know this mother went online, checked the Santa times at the mall, and arrived at 11:08 to see Santa who was supposed to start at 11? We had some time to waste so we took the kids to Friendly’s for lunch. They were SO well behaved. Many people came up to us to tell us how wonderful they were throughout the meal. I was a proud momma:)

Finally, we saw Santa sitting in front of his house in the distance. It turned out to be perfect timing, as their were no other kids in line. We had him all to ourselves for about 30 minutes! After I politely declined the photo package for $45.00, I took out the camera and got some great shots!


Here is Mr.. Friendly Eli who walked right up and made friends with Santa instantly. Throughout the whole visit he was mumbling under his breath about “trains, cars, Snuffy, big rigs, puzzles,….”



This Santa was the kindest, most gentle and patient man! He called each of my kids by name after hearing me say their names one time.



So that was Eli, now here are the other two scaredy-cats who huddled together back by the photographers. They look like they are in a lineup!


So, I decided to plunk Allie on Santa’s lap. I present the classic 1 year old with Santa picture….



Santa had this bouncy ball that he called his Snow Ball. It really helped break the ice with Brady and Cara.





This is as close as Brady ever got to Santa. Of course, he has nothing but rave reviews when you ask him about his Santa experience!


And here is my Cara with one of the most lovely Santa pictures I’ve ever seen:)


I decided to try and squeeze all 4 monkeys in the tub tonight, and boy, I’m SO glad I did. If only I hadn’t just sent my Christmas cards out today, I seriously would have found a way for these pictures into a Christmas greeting!




Rub a dub dub, my four sweeties in the tub! DSC_1245


  1. That is the best bath time picture ever!
    -Chris S

  2. i seriuosly just laughed out loud at the photo of cara and brady backed up, staring at santa in terror. love it!
    ~ Brooke

  3. Awesome four-some!
    You are truly blessed.

  4. So cute!! I learned last year sort of by accident that going to see Santa at the mall in this area is actually a pleasant, easy, and virtually wait-free experience if you go on a weekday in the first half of December mid-morning because the kids are still in school so the lines are short or non-existent. Glad you has a similar experience!! :o)


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