Sunday, December 20, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods

Well, it was more like around the lake (Canandaigua) and through the hills to Great Grandma's House we went! Today we celebrated Christmas with Grandma Sandy's side of the family at her mom's house in Middlesex. We left right from church this morning, the kids got a nice nap on the way, and we spent some nice time with family that we only see a few times a year.

The kids came house pretty exhausted and after a bath and a bowl of cereal they were off to bed. I can hardly wait to get this week started! They are going to be so wiped out everyday, but are going to have the best time!

3 more days until my sister and her family come to town and we can't wait. Something about having family come home at Christmas that makes everything even more exciting.

My heart is to full of joy this year. The events of this week last year are still fresh in my mind and it's hard to not get sad when I think about them. But, just to look at my children this year, happy, healthy, and thriving reminds me of what a mighty God we serve. So this year we are not only celebrating the birth of our Savior, but the many ways in which He has made this Christmas so special.

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