Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day?

In honor of my many wonderful teacher friends, I'm officially hoping that tomorrow is a snow day. But wait, my mom is leaving on a bus trip to Indiana tomorrow morning! Okay, I hope for a snow day, but for safe-enough road conditions for my momma!

So I didn't get around to any wrapping today. Not yet, at least. Somehow the demands of caring for my 4 very needy children prevented me from doing so. Well that and the dust that was really starting to get to me on the tables.

I have to tell you all that right now, at 8:30pm, it's 34 degrees outside, with winds gusting at around 40mph, my husband is outside taking a screen out of the sunroom windows. What a guy...

That's all for tonight! Please keep my mom in your prayers as she will be leaving very early tomorrow morning and returning late Friday night.

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  1. Happy SNOWDAY!! Prayers to others that have to brave the wild weather to go to work!!

    Love, Deb R.


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