Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Fun!


So today, for the first time ever, our family was scattered in three different directions for the morning. Eli, Cara, and Brady went to the Christmas tree farm with Grandma and Grandpa, I went to run errands, and Matt stayed home with Allie. I promise I will get some pictures of the kids’ adventure! Grandpa pulled them on the sled to pick out a tree. Oh the stories they told me after their naps! “A big man came with a saw, cut it down, and it went boom!” “Grandpa pulled us fast over the bridge!” “He put the tree on top of the van mommy, ON TOP!” How fun! Santa was there too, and I was proud when Grandma told me that my little cherubs said “Thank you Santa” in unison after he gave them all candy canes. Of course they did, they are angels after all!

Speaking of angels, here are a few funny pictures I snapped today during a double time out! Cara is in time out 2-3 times a day, so it doesn’t bother her much (as evidenced by the look on her face in the following pictures). Eli is in time out maybe 1-2 times a month, and when it happens, it is completely devastating (as evidenced below). And Allie, she just thinks the whole thing is funny when her siblings are in timeout, so she toddlers over and sits down with them on the naughty mat!



Okay, so I have been sitting here laughing like crazy at this picture. Hilarious!!!


This next picture is for you Michelle (a faithful blog reader from Australia.) Here is a picture that I literally opened the door and took on Friday. You can see in the distance the wind whipping around in the field.


Less than two weeks until Christmas!!!

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  1. Thanks for the snow pic Megan. Living in the sub-tropics I've never had the experience of opening a door and seeing snow outside!!

    And I LOVED the pic of Eli, Cara and Allie. You are such an inspiring Mum. Who else could get THREE children on a time out mat at once? I can't even get one to stay on the mat at a time!


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