Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Days to Go!

I got the most hilarious video of Brady running through the house yesterday singing Jingle Bells. My sweet hubby tried for hours last night to get it on the blog. Turns out our video camera (which we bought around the time our kids were born) is somehow not new enough to work with our new laptop. I love technology. The thought of missing some amazing Christmas morning memories was just too much for Matt, so he ordered us a new video camera today! Hopefully we will be able to share some videos with you soon!

Here is a picture of the kids at snack time today. They are each toting their “friends” with them. They also got haircuts this morning so they look a little less like hobo children:)

December 2009 010

Holding up their friends for all to see!

December 2009 011

Cara and Baby Bear

December 2009 014

Eli and you know who!

December 2009 015

Allie and Pluto. She sleeps with him, drags him around the house all day, and pretty much adores him more than just about anything!

December 2009 016

Brady and his Elmo!

December 2009 012

I’m heading upstairs to finish up wrapping! This whole “little bit everyday” philosophy has turned our bedroom into a giant pile of gifts, wrapping paper, scotch tape…but who cares? I LOVE Christmas!


  1. Yay for Matt realising that fans of the Williams crew NEED to see precious videos.

    I want to know why when a crisis involves technology does a man act on the issue right away whereas everything else seems to get pushed to the 'I'll get to it when I get to it' pile?

    Happy wrapping Megan!

  2. Cute, cute, CUTE!! Jack has a "Baby Bear" too. How funny that Allie already has a favorite friend. What a loving little girl she is! The haircuts look great. That is something I am never quite on top of. My poor dollies look like hobo childrent more than they should. :o)


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