Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nothing Much Tuesday

Today was a "nothing much" sort of day, so my post will be pretty random tonight.

I delivered "the sample" to the hospital today without any problem. I will be emailing our doctor at the beginning of next week to check on results. Of course clear results will give us a big sigh of relief, well at least until next month's scans.

Matt sprained his ankle last night playing basketball. Mr. Tough Guy doesn't complain much and tells me it feels "great," but looking at the swelling and bruising, I'm sure it hurts more than he lets on.

Allie got another tooth today which brings her total to 5! She is a drooly mess these days, but really is a good girl about it.

We had our first dinner tonight using the beef that we purchased last week. We split 1/2 a cow with Matt's parents. It was raised organically and slaughtered locally. We have a ton of beef in our freezer which we will use all winter. Tonight's menu was beef stew with veggies...yum!

The first measurable snow fell today. I have to say it was really pretty to wake up to the ground, trees, and rooftops covered in snow. Of course the kids saw this and thought they should spend the rest of the day wearing their mittens in the house...goofballs!

That is it for my nothing much day! I prefer these sort of days to the chaotic, crisis-filled ones:)

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  1. Sounds like a nice day. The "everyday" stuff is just as important to note as the big stuff sometimes. Time just flies by with kids. :o) Glad you had a happy holiday and were able to get away. I hope Matt's ankle is feeling better soon.


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