Friday, December 18, 2009

New Windows and a Great Dinner

With only one week to go (eek! I'm so excited!) the weather is cooperating just perfectly for a white Christmas! Temperatures are soooooooo low that the restaurant I went to last night didn't have running water in the bathroom because the pipes froze!

Perhaps it isn't the ideal time of year to replace the 7 sets of windows in our sunroom, but when we can feel our hair moving with the winter wind, we knew it had to be done. This room is right in the middle of our house and also is our playroom. Grandma Sandy and I camped out with the kids in the basement all morning. I have to say it was rough. I need to be in my element, with our "stuff," and have to say I felt slightly trapped being in the same room with the kids all morning. The usually have free reign of the main level of our house. They meander around the 6 rooms and play with each other and once in a while even let me play:) But I guess I realized today that it is nice to have them spaced out a little more. There were plenty of fights among them and I was starting to feel like I was trapped in a cage! By naptime the workers were pretty much finished and the windows look great:)

Tonight we went to Grandma and Granpa's to celebrate my birthday a few days early! Grandma and I decided that neither of us should cook, so take out Chinese it was! Watching Brady slurp lo-mein noodles into his mouth was our dinnertime entertainment:) Matt and I feel like it is vacation over there...Grandpa entertained the kids all night and we had nothing else to do but sit and relax!!!

Tomorrow Cara, my mom, and I are going to see a stage production of Madeline's Christmas. This is my first special outing with Cara and I can't wait!!!

I truly hope you all are enjoying peace, joy, and love this Christmas season. May we all feel the joy of God's love in our hearts and may we share that love we everyone we meet!

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