Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Crazy Sort of a Day

Since midnight last night...

9pm Cara cried and cried in her crib. She is not feeling well and sounds very croupy.

10pm Still struggling to get to sleep, Cara is really wheezing.

11:30pm Still wheezing, Cara and I sit in the bathroom while the hot water creates enough steam to hopefully open up her little lungs.

1am Matt and I decide that Cara can't wait until tomorrow morning to get something to help her wheezing. We have a quick "Who's going to take her" discussion and I, despite having taken a Tylenol PM earlier in the night, decide I'll go.

2am Little Cara and I are seen by a very nice doctor in the ER who confirms, yes it's croup, but she will be fine with a dose of steroids.

3am We arrive home (did I mention it was 9 degrees on our ride home?) and Cara settles down for bed.

Matt, my sweet and considerate husband, called his mom to see if she would come over in the morning so that I could sleep. When I woke up the furnace repair men were already busy in the basement. So dear, sweet Grandma Sandy had the 4 kids in Allie's room, with all the doors closed, with a bunch of toys trying to keep warm while we were without heat. Cara was already feeling better, although kind of cranky (those darn steroids).

Allie continues to be quite stuffy and has a little cough, and poor Eli is pretty sick himself. I was able to take my nephews to the movies in the middle part of the day and we had a great time!

I think the Williams family is going to be just fine in a couple of days. I'm so happy to just have stuffy noses and coughs compared to what I know other families are dealing with. For now, I have four sleeping babies, a nice warm house, and a really great family picture that I'll be sharing with you sometime this week. Let's just say, there must have been some divine intervention to capture this picture! I LOVE it!


  1. How lovely to read about your Christmas week! It sounds like you've had some great times, but not without challenges as usual. ;o) I'm glad the furnace is fixed and Cara is on the mend, though I'm sure it wasn't much fun to have to deal with those issues this week. Been thinking of you all week. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Happy Anniversary to Missy and Jerry!

  2. How wonderful your Christmas was. I am so glad that you were able to get the furnace fixed when you did. Often it is an ordeal around the holidays. Divine intervention was truly a part of it. I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with blessings all around. Prayers continue.


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