Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scan Date Scheduled

Like clockwork (well, more like your alarm going off in the morning and wanting to hit the snooze button!) the oncologist's office called today to schedule Brady's scans for January. Our scan date is January 26th with a follow up appointment on Januray 28th. We will also be seeing the orthapedic doctor in the week following the scans. Our concerns about Brady's back continue, as he has a noticeable protrusion to the right of his spine between his shoulders. I'm also noticing a lot of outward curving when he is in a sitting position (think really terrible posture). Perhaps this is our new battle in the new year...Whatever lies ahead, we will meet it head on. We are praying daily for God's healing touch over Brady in all areas!

Christmas is next week! Our family has an especially exciting time during Christmas. My sister, her husband, and her two boys come "home" every year from Minnesota. Although they stay with my mom, we see them every day while they are home (this year for 10 days). There will be lots of play among cousins, laughs, and just wonderful family memories. They arrive next Wednesday the 23rd, which is also my birthday:) Can't wait!!!


  1. January 26 is Australia Day and our national public holiday. Now I think that is a great omen for Brady having great scans!

  2. many prayers...continuing! and i'm so glad you get time with fam too!

  3. Praying for Brady! What a nice birthday present--Missy and the Fam coming in. Enjoy your time together!! :o)


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