Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet, Sneaky, Naughty, and Spunky

If I had to rename my children today, those would be their new names. Well, those would be appropriate for the last 15 hours at least. With the extra wintry weather, comes a sense of being couped up in our house, and somehow the crazy behavior ensues.

I had my sweet Eli with me today though (I thanked God an extra dozen times for you today buddy). If I ask something, Eli does it. When I speak, he responds politely. Did I mention the many unsolicited, "I love you mommy's?"

Then there is sneaky Brady. The boy wants to carry his blankie around with him all day. We have asked him to keep it in his crib as he ends up dragging it around, leaving it somewhere, and then someone else trips on it. He whined, he cried, he begged, he pleaded...then he snuck into his room, moved his crib, and slithered along the wall to retrieve the blanket that I so cleverly (or so I thought) placed at the farthest-most corner of the crib. Sneaky...Then I walked into the kitchen and saw Brady, hands behind his back, looking me right in the eyes (guilty eyes I add), turning his body as he maneuvers by me, so that I can't see behind him. I caught on to the fact that he is hiding something, and was shocked that he knew how to hide something and almost is getting away with it. I found a few diapers behind his back and followed him into Allie's room where for some strange reason he and Eli were stockpiling diapers and using them to build "towers."

Naughty. Cara is a sweet pea 75% of the time. But then...she reaches up and open my laptop and pretends to type on the keys. And then there is the throwing of the they keep ending up hitting Allie in the head is starting to make me think that perhaps she has really good aim, and really bad intentions. A little too naughty today...

And Allie is my spunky girl. I think of spunky as sweet and silly with a touch of naughty thrown in. She is climbing into her rocking chair and then standing up and laughing at me. She is currently growing lots of new teeth in that cute little mouth which causes her to come up and bite on my leg several times a day. And the touching of the Christmas tree...don't get me started. She didn't realize that we had a tree the first whole week it was up, but now...

You all know how much I adore these kids, and of course my descriptions don't mean that this is who they are everyday. Just like it's not everyday that I'm a mom who dragged kids to timeout all day, drank a few too many cups of coffee, and was counting the minutes until daddy got home. That was just me today:)

PS--for my out of towners: Yes, all of my friends (except my poor sister in law) had a snow day today! And yes, my mom is safely on her way to Indiana, although it was a pretty rough start at 6am through ice, wind, and snow!


  1. we certainly have our naughty, sneaky days around here too:) More and more lately:)

  2. I love your adjectives and descriptions of your children on that day in their life. You may need to use those words again, or you may choose other ones too! It was a nice snow day and here we did some arts and crafts and baked. The house stayed warm because the oven was on and boy did it smell great! Have a great weekend!!! Heather

  3. If it makes you feel better we've had a snow week...or nearly. My oldest came home about 45 minutes earlier on Monday and has been home every day since due to the amount of snow we received here. :)


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