Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Weekend #1

We survived the first weekend of the Christmas season! Busy, busy, busy, but fun!

Just imagine, all 6 of us, crammed in the trusty blue mini van for 4 hours today! The kids were really good today, well until the ride home. We spent all afternoon at Matt's cousin's home in Penn Yan. We had a lovely Christmas celebration with lots of kids running around and playing. I was very proud of my brood who interacted quite appropriately, weren't shy at all, and even managed to say thank you when prompted. We knew we couldn't make it home without stopping to feed the kids, so we hit the Mc Donalds in Canandaigua. At this point, Allie was in pajamas, the big kids were all still dressed up, so I'm sure we looked pretty strange. There we were with our 4 high chairs, eating chicken nuggets together. We we got back on the road it was certainly an annoying ride home. Brady whining, Cara crying, Eli snoozing, and Matt and I wondering when Allie would throw up! Great news---she didn't throw up today! She slept almost the whole way there, she started to not look so good with about 20 minutes left, but we made it just in time. Then it was dark on the way home, and somehow I think not being able to see things out of the window helped her vestibular system not get out of whack.

This week brings baking, wrapping, MOPS party, a dinner with a great friend, and maybe a few other adventures. I LOVE Christmas time!

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