Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Fun Continues

The family is in town through next weekend, so the Christmas party continues over here! Today we did church, then lunch at the Chinese Buffet. Yes, totally classy, I know! But what other establishment can give us a table for 13 with 5 booster seats? Matt and Allie stayed home to give Allie and her cold a rest from all of the excitement.

Later on in the day everyone came over to our place for pizza and wings. My sister and her family just crave NY pizza and wings and Santinos never fails to satisfy their craving:) I think it is safe to say that Minnesota isn't known for its pizza. My kids played with their big cousins like wild hooligans for hours. It's amazing to see how out of control they get with just a little bit of extra attention!

Matt is back to work tomorrow:( But how nice to have my sister and family to fill in the lonely time without him!

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