Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 days to go

Thursday (scan day) is just two days away. What a battle I have between "best case scenario" and "worst case." Like all the other painfully long periods of waiting we have endured, I just want to fast forward to next week. We will meet with the oncologist on Monday to go over the results. I'm hoping that maybe she can call us Friday to give us any news. We also are meeting with the neurosurgeon who operated on Brady back in Januray. We are interested in discussing possible ways to stabilize Brady's spine either through surgery or bracing. Brady has PT on Tues and Thurs morning in Rochester next week. Then on Friday next week the triplets have their 2 year appointment. SO, driving to Rochester 5 days between now and next Friday!

There are some terrific events happening this week to support Brady! Tomorrow night from 4-8 the Alexander High School Builder's Club is hosting Brady night at Wendy's restaurant in Batavia. For those 4 hours, 10% of proceeds will go to support Brady! On Saturday night at 7pm the Oakfield Methodist Church is hosting a community Praise Night to honor Brady. There will be several performers from local churches participating. My community has been a tremendous source of support for us and we are looking forward to celebrating all God has done for us at this wonderful event!

Pray for our little family as all seem to be succombing to this cold that is going around.


  1. WOW, you are going to busy!!

    pssst...I worked at that Wendy's for a couple years, many years ago. I even dressed up as Wendy and did birthday parties. =D

  2. Busy week ahead of you guys!! Praying that the scan goes well on Thursday and that you receive great news ASAP!!

    How wonderful that you guys are being supported and lifted up by your community!

    Hope everyone feels better soon!!


  3. The wait must be the hardest. Just wanting to know that all is well with your precious son. It is so wonderful that you are getting so much support from your community. People really do care!

  4. Good luck this week and next--lots to do!! If you want to meet up one of the days you're out here, we'd love to see you. I certainly understand if it feels like too much, though, with all you have to do.


  5. still thinking and praying for brady everyday...he's lucky to have such a great family & community caring for him :)


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