Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Come on Brady...walk, walk, walk!

I'm telling you, the boy can walk!!! I'm also telling you, the boy is smart, stubborn, and knows how bad we all want him to walk. That is all the motivation he needs to keep pushing his walking toy around the house! Brady continues to only walk when he is in his silly moods before nap and bedtime. He does a GREAT job too! I actually coerced him into taking a few steps on the grass today. Lately we are telling him a lot of things like "The rule outside is that you can only walk like a big boy on the grass!" Sometimes he falls for it, other times he knows full well what an idiotic rule that is and just crawls away!

My mom and I hung up the 4th and final (yes final) swing on the Williams family playground today. Allie know can proudly swing between Cara and Brady in her brand new pink swing! Check out this great pic of my funny foursome!

Another first for the kids tonight after dinner: E.L. Fudgestripe cookies! Yummy! Brady tried to close his eyes to escape this shot and notice the cookie perched on his finger; truly the only way to eat an E.L.Fudge!

Just by thinking about the past few months today, God smacked me right between the eyes with this thought. I was so quick to share scripture on this blog when things were going terribly in our life...I was so strongly trusting in God's promises when the going got tough. I notice that I have let that slip in the past weeks because things have settled down a bit. SO...I'm learning more and more that I have to be as passionate about faith even when the storms of life aren't raging. After all, God's love for me was the same on Jan 21(day of diagnosis) and April 6th (day of surgery) as it is today!! Don't I owe Him the same?
The unfailing love of the Lord never ends! Lamentations 3:22

Just a reminder: Tonight is the last night to vote for my blog in the Mother of All Bloggers contest. As of last night, the administrators were assuring everyone that all votes are counting, even though a message tells some that they have already voted. Yes, I'm skeptical too, but we have come this far!! Voting ends at 11:59 tonight!


  1. i think we're all guilty of that....i know i am.......when the chips are down, i pray.....thanks for reminding me to keep praying.

    brady looks great!

  2. Megan

    My daughter walked at 2 years and 50 weeks. * By her third birthday, she was running. I knew she could walk long before she did get up and step, she wasn't as sure she could do it, but she knew I wanted her to do it so she didn't. What determination!

    Brady will put it all together in his own sweet time. I often say my daughter was a gift from God to teach me patience!

    Thanks for your great blog. Your faith, energy and love are inspirational.

    All the best from Australia.


    * My daughter has global muscular weakness due to a chromosomal abnormality that wasn't diagnosed until she was 20 months old.

  3. Thanks for reminding me to Praise Him even when things are going good! How quickly I am to reach out to Him and read His word when times are tough!! Glad to know He is always there for us!!

    Brady makes me laugh as do your rules about big boys walking on the grass!! So funny the things we will coax our kids with!!

    Just wait, a few days will go by with out someone coaxing him to walk and he will start running!!


  4. Your babies are beautiful! I continue to pray for Brady and your family! We had a child with some physical issues and we knew he could walk! It was just like Brady! :) We stopped talking about it all together and 6 days later he took off walking like he had been doing it for years! He was two years and 8 months old!

  5. LOL, he is stubborn. Very nice to see those pictures of your kids in the swings. Gotta love fudge stripes!

  6. Awesome pics! And thanks for the verse, I needed that today!

    Allison and The Lezonlings

  7. Such great pictures!! :o)

  8. Dear Megan,
    Brady so reminds me of Tighe. He is going in for his surgery on Friday, May 8 and I keep holding on to the speedy recovery of Brady, just a month ago. It gives me hope and confidence in a great redcovery.
    Marge Hiner (Tighe's gramma)


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