Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Me Out of Here!

The 4th and final Williams monkey has succumb to the ear infection trend (well, at least I think he has). Brady woke up at 12:45am crying, very hot, and telling me to "kiss his boo boo ear." He was up several times throughout the night, totally unlike him. I decided that since the doctor had offered the antibiotic as a "just in case" measure earlier in the day, that I would go ahead and start him on it in the middle of the night. I spoke with our doctor (we saw another doctor at the appointment with Brady and Cara) later today and she wasn't too thrilled about giving him antibiotic without seeing him, but she agreed to go ahead with it. Eli is completely back to normal and Cara is doing much better. Allie is having a really hard time sleeping, is very stuffy, and has a bad cough. She smiled a lot today though and seemed a little less fussy. Brady is doing okay, but I can tell he doesn't feel well overall. My refrigerator could pass as a pharmacy right now...4 bottles of antibiotic and about 12 vials of Hep-Vanco, along with 4 drawers of medical supplies in my kitchen.

Please be praying that all the kids will feel better soon. We need to get rid of this illness so that Brady can have his surgery next Friday! I am in the beginning stages of planning a "Bye Bye Tubies" party for Saturday night:)

The reason for the title of my post is this...I'll be taking tomorrow night off! Matt and I are headed away for a 1 night belated anniversary getaway. My mom and Matt's parents will be holding down the fort. Please pray for them too! We are a little uneasy about leaving the kids not feeling well, but honestly have been couting down the minutes until we can get out of here. We totally need a 36 hour break from our world. Any guesses where we are going?



  1. Hey Meg,

    Sorry about all the sickness, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Maybe getting him on the antibiotic now will ensure he's strong and healthy by next week--whatever germs come his way in the interim--so he can get those "tubies" out.

    ENJOY your trip!! It is so very important to get breaks like that. Time alone together is so vital.


  2. I know, I know, I know where you are going!!! :)
    Sorry to hear Brady got the nasty ear infection. I am sure he will be all fine and dandy by next Friday...and if not by Monday make sure to call the doctors back. I know before Nico's first lip surgery he had 3 ear infections in a row with the last one 1 week before surgery and they ended up resorting to giving him a series of shots to get rid of it so he could have surgery as planned. Hopefully it won't come down to another drive into Rochester though. Have a fun and relaxing weekend, you two certainly deserve it!!!

  3. Ah, the life of a mom, you never know what lies ahead. It is a regular roller coaster for you isn't it. Although I will say that with you and Matt it's a super duper deluxe coaster ride!! I will continue to pray for you all. Enjoy your quiet time as just Matt and Megan, you need the reconnection.

  4. Happy Anniversary! You need this get away..a happy mommy and daddy is a happy family!

  5. Poor babies!! Poor mommy and daddy!!
    I hope everyone is better soon!! Ear infections are NOT fun!

    Have a great night away!! Enjoy the time together and relax!!


  6. Good for you, Megan and Matt! Enjoy yourselves - you do need some time away!

    Sending prayers for all four kids that they will be feeling better soon!
    Steph D.

  7. All of my "good health" prayers are with you! Have a happy anniversary; enjoy your special time together.

  8. Ear Infections are awful! We just had that cold run through our house. I am still hacking away.

    Have a fabulous time this weekend!!


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