Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scan Day

I caught the family cold in all of its glory. I was out of commission all day, Matt even had to stay home from work. I'm feeling 20% better tonight and am hopeful that I'll be functional tomorrow!

I'm taking Allie to her appointment at 9am. Matt and Brady are leaving at 9am also. They have to be at the pediatric oncology clinic at 10 for Brady to have blood and urine collected, then downstairs by 11:30 to check in for his scans. Please be praying for Brady because he cannot eat or drink until after his scans. The radiology department is almost always running behind, but I'm hopeful that he will get in as close to 12:30 as possible. We are also praying that between now and tomorrow Brady will not get sick with this cold. I noticed he is a little stuffy, and if he gets very sick, they won't do the scans. He will be under anesthesia, and if you remember the last time he had anesthesia at Strong he had a reaction to the Versed. Of course we are insisting that they use something else, but with any anesthesia comes risk. Please remember sweet Brady in your prayers:)

Matt and I are surprisingly at ease about the results. We are clinging to the hope that there will be no new tumor growth and that we can rest easy for the three months until the next scan date. Our God is so awesome and certainly He has allowed Brady to triumph through everything so far!

Brady is letting his silly side show more and more these days. We are having a good time "tricking" him by telling him that he has to walk because his pants are "walking pants!" He is walking without being prompted a lot more all of a sudden. He doesn't seem as scared to walk on the hard wood floors. He bends without holding on to anything to reach things on the ground.

Here are some funny pictures of Brady! I was flushing his tubies after his bath and lately he likes to take the mesh that we use to hold his tubies and put it over his head. He was giggling so hard that he couldn't talk (so was I!)


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Hope you feel better soon and the cold isn't too rough.


  2. Sending lots of prayers your way! I love the pics... he looks so sweet & what a HAPPY boy!!! You are blessed. :)

  3. Lots of prayers will be with you tomorrow. We wish a good day for Brady, and a cure for the family cold!

  4. Praying that all is well with Brady, that that tumor is GONE! And that everyone is feeling better soon:) I will be thinking of you.

  5. Good luck with the scans! My thougts are with Brady and your family.

  6. We will surely be praying we always do. We walked into the house in the dark tonight and Collin heard an airplane and said Brady's up dere mom? The last time that happened you were flying home from NYC. So Brady is on even a three year old's mind constantly! "Come to me as a little child!" Love to you guys
    we expect nothing else but GOOD NEWS!!!!

  7. I will be in prayer about the scans and that you recover quickly and that Brady does not catch the crud!

  8. what a great thing to see him so happy and delighted! you guys rock! and i am praying for scan day...

  9. It is hard to believe such a little guy could inspire so many people.

    Little Brady really is my hero. If he can battle this thing, then I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way.

    Jesus was right when He said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

    God bless you guys, and thanks for your inspiration!

  10. He is just adorable !
    Good Luck. x x

  11. Hi Megan,

    I couldnt find a contact email for you so I thought I'd post a comment here. (And praying that little Brady's scan goes well!)

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  12. Praying that everything went well today! Thinking of you guys!

    Love the silly Brady pic!



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