Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Great Cookie Experiment

A great day in our house today! Cara and I went to church this morning for the Ladies' Luncheon with Grandma Sandy and my mom. My mom gave her testimony and life story and it was a BIG blessing! At the end she showed pictures of each grandchild up on the screen. When Cara's picture came up, Cara just shouted "Tara (how she says her name)" and then just giggled SO LOUD! It was a cute moment for sure.

Eli, Cara, and Brady each took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Those of you with children are rejoicing right along with me on this one!! I did a few odds and ends, then just took a snooze on my couch. Allie woke up about an hour before they did, but I plopped her in the swing and she fell back to sleep. was wonderful!

After naps I put Eli, Cara, and Brady in their highchairs for snack time. I gave them each 6 little graham cookies and decided to do a little personality test. After a few minutes I asked them, "Who will give mommy a cookie?" I kind of figured I knew what would happen next, but I love to put them on the spot like this once in a while just to see their different personalities in action. I started with Eli. That little sweetie picked up a cookie so fast and said "Mommy eat one!" and put it right in my mouth. What a doll! Then it was Cara's turn. I asked her for cookie. She promptly picked one up, said, "Mommy?" and started to put the cookie in my mouth. Just as soon as it was about to touch my lips, she pulled it back, shoved it in her mouth and said, "Tara's." Huh, figures! I turned to Brady, who of course had been watching this whole thing. Before I could even ask him for a cookie, he just took both hands and covered them up and said "no!" There you have three cherubs! Don't let this experiment fool you though. They each have their moments of pure sweetness, and other moments where I wish the circus was in town so that I could sign them up!!!

Tomorrow we are attempting going out to lunch with my brother's family. It will be 5 adults and 6 kids 2 and under. I won't mention the restaurant for fear that they might lose business if people find out we will all be there!


  1. What a delightful post!

  2. The cookie story is so funny! Have an great lunch...hi to the Hamms. May you have another nap today. :-)
    Anne and Ed

  3. How funny! Kids can be hilarious! When I give my husband a hug my daughter now said leave her alone dadddy! We just have to crack up. Nap time is FANTASTIC!! I think I feel just as refreshed when they take a nap and just as crabby when they don't.


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