Monday, May 11, 2009

Runny Noses

It seems my little cherubs are passing around a cold. Cara has it the worst, but she always seems to get it first! This is only our second cold since last fall, so I won't complain!

Not an awful lot of walking from Brady today. Everyone was a little whiny and I seemed to just be bouncing back and forth between them all day trying to make them happy! My dear friend Lynn was with us for the afternoon and made a delicious dinner for our family...homemade chicken and biscuits! So good.

I attempted to call the surgeon today to set up a date to have Brady's Broviac taken out. Imagine my shock when they told me he was booked for months! I did get an appointment with another surgeon for Monday as a consult appointment. Hopefully we will be able to get in with this other doctor. Remember Nathaniel, the little boy I asked you all to pray for who had his surgery 1 1/2 weeks after Brady? Well he just got home last week and had his Broviac out Friday!!! I'm truly happy for him because he is recovering so well and now tubie free! I really feel like things here at home for us need to be better coordinated. We want Brady tubie free SOON!

I got an email from another mom blogger today. She featured me on her blog today. You can check it out by clicking here and scrolling down. Thanks Melanie (my blog guru). Even I understood your directions:)


  1. HUgs, this runny nose thing seems to be going around. We have been battling it for the past week.

    Congrats on the feature.

    The link doesn't seem to want to work. To make a link to a name...
    when editing
    highlight the name
    click on the link button (has a world and is next to the big T)

    to get the link click on the link title
    then right click and copy
    post the link you copied in the edit blog link.

    Hope that helps =D melanie

  2. Hey Meg,

    Sorry the kids are not feeling well. I hope they recover quickly. It's no fun for anyone when the pumpkins are sick.

    Can you try reposting that link? I copied and pasted it and it just took me to a Roadrunner login page.


  3. if you go to you can see the article there called "Steps for Brady".

  4. I'll say a prayer that all the germs go away very quickly. Thinking of you!


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