Monday, May 18, 2009

We are back from our appointment. I wish I could tell you with great clarity the results of the scans, but I can't. Our oncologist was very laid back and somewhat vague as to the results. The scans do show "something" but nothing that wasn't expected. There are very small lesions that show up in the chest and the spine, but they are not new spots. It is likely that they are residual tumor, or they could be scar tissue from the surgery. During the appointment, the doctor basically just showed us some scans and tried to show us where the area of involvement is. MRI and CT scans are not a perfect science. They can't tell you what you are looking at. The urine results won't be in until Wednesday, so we weren't able to see if those have stabilized either. So the plan is to come in in 3 weeks, repeat a urine test. Then we rescan in August. Last week's scans will be our baseline to compare all future scans against. By using that data and the urine levels, we will be able to know if new tumor is growing. For now, we just wait and watch.

His Broviac surgery is scheduled for June 5th, the earliest appointment we could get. That is a big let down to have to wait 2 1/2 weeks, but we have no choice.

That's the news of the day. Brady did a great job and for the first time was able to get his height and weight done standing up like a big boy!!! Momma was so proud:)


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm sure you're glad to be through today and with no major negative surprises. Thinking of you.


  2. I'm sorry there wasn't better news from the Dr's. I know leaving their office with a "we'll wait and see.." is very frustrating and difficult. You are still in our prayers. Hopefully the next few months will bring you some peace. Blessings.

  3. Megan,

    I'm sorry the doctors weren't more helpful today. I HaTe waiting longer than desired for medical appointments. Did you ask them if they can put you on a list in case someone cancels or gets sick at the last minute and can't make their surgery time? I don't know if that's possible for you given how many little ones you're managing, but I just did that w/ my daughter and was able to get her an appointment in July instead of the initial October that I was told. It's a long shot, but you may get *lucky* and find an earlier spot.

    I've found that sometimes if a doctor has a personal nurse that works with him or her that s/he is sometimes better at providing the detailed information that the doctor either doesn't have time to or won't give to you. This is particularly true of our orthopedic doctor. He's great, but busy and his nurse usually stays behind or comes ahead and allows me as much time as I want to ask questions. You should not be leaving w/out getting all of your questions answered thoroughly and until you feel comfortable w/ the course of action. Ugh. Doctors--they can be the best and the worst. There is definitely a heavy responsibility that falls on the parent to be a non-stop advocate.

    Keep praying.

  4. hugs! I am sorry they couldn't tell you anymore. hugs!

  5. Thanks for updating. I wish they had more information and I wish you didn't have to wait that long to find out something. Praying for the June surgery to go well and praying for your strength :)

  6. God is good! Glad to know that there are not any new lesions and that Brady's Broviac surgery is scheduled! I know it isn't exactly the news you were looking for but you are moving forward!!!

    I will continue to pray that this time of waiting goes quickly and that there is peace in your heart!

    You are SUCH a strong lady and you have one heck of a strong little man!!

    Sending you good thoughts and hugs!!


  7. that's so frustrating getting vague answers like that. however, praise God Brady's walking!!! What a big boy to stand by yourself we are all so proud. So glad to hear the praise benefit went so well. hope you guys all feel better, get rest and enjoy your babies!!!

  8. Megan..I have learned first hand that sometimes dr.'s are quick with bad news..and then come around to telling good news. So, this sounds like a super exciting appointment to me!!! One foot in front of the more step for Mr. Brady!!!!! Smile, Janet

  9. This is a step forward. Not the one you wanted; just a baby step, but it is one. (In more ways than one---go Brady!)
    Feel better, and enjoy the sunshine.
    Love from us.

  10. I know how frustrating Doctors can be, but it sounds like things are going good. Remember no matter how soon we want things, God does know what is best, and he will get us through. Stay strong, stay well, and Go! Go! BRADY!!! Prayers continue.


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