Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taking the Bull by the Horns

UPDATE ON BLOG CONTEST: So it seems I won 2nd place out of the Top 10! I'm honored because many (if not all) of the moms featured have VERY intricate blogs that use advertisements, product endorsements, giveaways... I just have a beautiful boy and MANY faithful friends and family members willing to support my little blog! Hooray for us! I'm pretty sure Steps for Brady will be featured on the Momlogic site and I think I also may have won a blog makeover (again, clueless here, certainly I need a makeover more than my blog?) Anyway...thanks for your help! With love, Meg

Being the impatient parents that we are, Matt and I decided to pool our resources and get a scan date TODAY! Remember our two favorite nurses in the pediatric MRI/CT department? Well, Matt called them this morning, and by noon we had our scan date and time. We were both sick of sitting back and waiting!!! There were a few more hiccups in the insurance process, but I think we are on the right track. Brady's scans will be May 14th (next Thurs) at 12:30. He will have urine and blood tests done that morning at the clinic. Allie's 6 month check up is that same morning, so I'll be taking her, and Matt will take Brady. I'm expecting paperwork from the general surgeon soon to initiate getting a date for the Broviac surgery...hooray!

We are going with Grandma to see Thomas the Train tomorrow! We have a babysitter for Allie, so we will be one adult per triplet! I'm so excited to do something fun with my three to follow!

They are announcing the winner of the blog contest at 10:30 tonight. I'll come back and share the results after that.


  1. Glad to hear about the scan and the surgery!!! :) Saying lots of prayers for you guys. Have fun at Thomas the Train! :)

  2. Enjoy Thomas and the day with the three "big" kids! I am with you always, says the Lord. At this moment, I can't recall the book, but the verse stays with me always-------

  3. Good for you! Brady is fortunate to have parents who are proactive.
    Have fun at Thomas! We went to see it once. It sure is a big event, and it's fun just to watch the children.
    Anne and Ed

  4. AWESOME news about the scans!!!!!! You do have to do whatever you have to do to take care of Brady!!!! WTG!!!

    We went and saw Thomas on stage and the kids loved it!!!!!

    Have fun!

  5. Yeah for the scans! Yeah for Thomas too. My big kid loved going and seeing Thomas here in our little town in AZ. They aren't bringing him in anymore. :( Enjoy it for sure! ;)

  6. Meg,
    Your faith has grown so much. YES! Continue to share scripture in bad and good times. HE is just as close to us, but at times when things are going okay, we tend to turn away, but God never does. He is there for us in thick and thin.

    Isn't he a wonderful, amazing GOD!

    Good luck, I'll be anxious to hear the good news!
    Love, Deb R.

  7. Congrats on coming in 2nd!!

    I am glad you got dates for Brady finally.

    Have fun at Thomas!! I took my son a few years ago and we had a great time. =D

  8. Hey Meg! Congrats on second place and getting the scans date!! :o) Enjoy Thomas, we've gone the last two years and will try to go again next week. It's great fun for kids--there are toys set up everywhere for them to play with and other things to do, as well.


  9. I know what you are going through. My niece was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 18 months.
    They couldn't do surgery as it was totally wrapped around every vital organ. She endured a year of intensive chemo, blood transfusions, and two bone marrow transplants. After a year it had retreated enough for the doctors to do surgery to remove what was left.
    She is now 12 years old and you would never know the trials she went through. I hope Brady has an equally happy outcome!

  10. Congrats on Second place! Hope you enjoyed Thomas. Having him in Medina really helps this little town get noticed. Right now I am listening to his whistle 3 blocks over. My grandkids had a blast when they went, I hear it is really fun! Prayers continue for you daily, and remember God is never early, never late, always right on time.


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