Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eating Out...Always a Good Time

So we survived our eating out adventure. I truly think this may be the first time we have gone out with the whole family since Allie has been born (6 months ago). After church we went to Kaboodles Cafe in Elba. I suggested to my mom that she call ahead and make a reservation for as many high chairs as they had. Our gang of six, as well as my mom, and my brother's fam of four descended on the place to celebrate Auntie Kristen's birthday. All together there were 6 kids and 5 adults. The kids did a really great job and I'm sure the staff at Kaboodles is more than thankful to my family for reorganizing their jelly containers, creamers, and sugar packets. It's no fun to have them sorted by color and flavor anyway!!!

They heard it was Kristen's birthday and made her wear a big birthday hat! Then, this group of four women offered to sing her "Happy Birthday." They were wearing matching jackets and all of a sudden they broke out into four part harmony! Come to find out they are a professional group called Mach Four who were in town for a competition! They were terrific...what a treat!

Some Brady news: Today Brady took 8 or so steps on the hardwood floor. I've come to the conclusion that he is totally capable, he just is STUBBORN! I love his stubbornness though, but I wish he would just stand up and take off! As I put them to bed tonight, we just walked back and forth from one end to the other in his crib. If he can maintain balance while walking on a mattress, then I know he can walk anywhere!!! Come on have a whole world to explore!

Monday means phone calls, and I'm planning on starting off the week right! I need to bug Strong about getting a scan date again. We are only 2 weeks away from when he is supposed to be scanned (6 weeks post-op). Matt and I don't want to wait a day longer than we have to. We are more than anxious to get his Broviac out...his skin is so sensitive under the dressing and I want him to be able to swim and play like everyone else this summer.


  1. Good luck getting your phone calls done! Hope you have a very productive Monday!

    Still praying!

  2. So happy that you had a great family day out. Way to go Brady, eight steps! I had a bum shuffler and it took numerous bribes of cookies for him to get up and walk. He's 39 now and still prefers not to walk anywhere if he can help it! Kids. Praying for you all. Pam xx

  3. Good luck with the calls! Sounds like a fun and interesting weekend was had. :0)


  4. Glad to here that everything went "smoothly" while eating out. I am sure that Brady while come around soon and all of a sudden determine that he wants to walk all the time.

    Good luck getting your calls done.

  5. I love Kaboodles!!! Glad to hear your dinner went well! It is such a nice place to take kids---did they go to the treasure box?


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