Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Day with Thomas

What a beautiful day it turned out to be! It seems the weather forcasts are never quite right in Western New York! Mom, Matt, Eli, Cara, Brady, and I had a great time visiting Thomas the Train in Medina. There were very few people there, the sun was shining with a light breeze, and the kids just loved all there was to see and do. One mishap was that we forgot our wagon. Luckily we had the single stroller in the van, so one kid was able to ride while the other two walked or we carried them. It worked out really well because they wanted to explore and romp around. I was very impressed at how age appropriate things were for my kids. I always worry that because they are 2 that things like this will be over the head, but not so!

Here are some pictures from the day (I'll share more another time. My mom took more than I did...)

Cara with her new Thomas tatoo!

Eli petting a horse!

Brady boy petting a horse!

And truly, my favorite picture in a long time. Thank goodness I was wearing sunglasses to hide my tears. Our hero Brady and his daddy walking hand in hand in their blue-plaid shorts...beautiful!

That Brady walked more at Thomas than he has all week! He walked on grass, he walked on the sidewalk, he walked on this carpeted tent area. I'm telling you, I think the Brady cart that he happily pushes around this house may have to disappear! When we unloaded the kids from the van and were walking from the garage to the house, Matt put Brady down and told him to walk. Well...walk he did! He slowly toddled the 15 feet all by himself!


  1. Sounds like a great day!! That event really is excellent for this age group. Glad you were able to get out to it, it wasn't crowded, and the weather was great. Have an awesome Mother's Day weekend, Meg! :o)


  2. Wow! Praise God! What a wonderful picture - it certainly brought ears to my eyes. - Angel from Colorado

  3. Oh i love the pics!! yes that one of matt and brady walking is priceless!!! So glad you had fun and could forget the cancer world maybe for a moment! Looks like you were in my neck of the woods Medina???? wished i could have seen ya. love to you guys

  4. That last photo is my favorite!!!! So glad you guys had a great time!!!! Many hugs and prayers!

  5. Yeah! What a fun day! Seems to me that my 6yo got that same tatoo 2 years ago when she was 4. I'm so glad you all had fun!

  6. What a sweet sweet sight! Toot toot Brady!

  7. Brady: I knew you could do it little man! You keep going and Momma, we put the cart away, too with our little guy! I think I commented and told you about him. I continue to keep him in my prayers.

  8. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well the one with Brady and Matt walking away is a testament to all the God has done for Brady. How beautiful to see a living miracle!

  9. I am teary after reading your blog today...what a happy day you all had! An early Mother's Day gift, for sure!!!
    Enjoy it all over again tomorrow,

  10. It looks like you all had a great time!
    Way to go Brady!

  11. Well Happy Mother's Day to you Megan!! What a wonderful gift. Enjoy your day!!!! Janet


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