Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's 9:15 and the Williams kids are all snuggled in bed. Whew...what a day! Here is a recap:
Brady and Matt were at the hospital most of the day. They were able to draw blood and collect urine without a problem. His scan was only 35 minutes behind schedule (a record for sure!). He went in at about 1pm, and Matt said he was great all day until just before the scans. Of course he hadn't eaten all day and was exhausted, so he got grouchy. The scans lasted quite a while, and Brady woke up a little out of sorts. Matt was frustrated because although they used a mask to put him out, he came out with an IV in his foot. It makes no sense at all to give him an IV when they could have easily used the Broviac! Ughh...

They got home at about 5:30 and Brady was groggy but in good spirits. We will have our meeting Monday with the oncologist to discuss the results.

Allie and I were home by 11:45 from her appointment. She is growing big and strong (in the 90th% for both height and weight). We do have to see a dermatologist for a spot on her leg that the doctor told me is a precancerous mole-type thing. She said I could take my time getting it removed, but of course we will get going on that soon. Her heart murmur is still there, but not of concern. Her head is measuring quite big, so we will go back in 6 weeks to see if her head size has leveled off. Other than those 3 things, she is the picture of health (ha!) What I wouldn't give for an "everything looks great" doctor's appointment!

I wanted to share with you all a picture I snapped yesterday. It was just one of those moments as a mom that make you stop, and thank God for what you have. I just loved the sight of three little pairs of play shoes by the back door...precious...


  1. I pray that you'll get wonderful results when the scans are read. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those precious children.

  2. Praying for positive results.


  3. Praying for great results from the scans! My son had a large head as a baby too. (still does actually - he's 11 now). He had a head ct scan at 9months because his head growth never leveled off like the doctors thought it should have. Turns out, he just has a big head. He's also very smart. He always told us when he was little that he just had 2 brains.

  4. Hi, just want to let you know, that in god's eyes everything is great. I know it is hard to hear that things aren't quite right, but be assured that God has it all under control and it will work out. Prayers continue for the Williams family and thank you for your honesty in sharing your lives with us.


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