Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What was I saying about enjoying driving?

It figures that I would say yesterday how I enjoyed driving Brady to PT two times a week because I get all of that "thinking time." Today I spent 5 hours in the car! I took Brady to PT this morning and he had another great session! Linda, the PT, is doing a great job of taking a close look at what skills Brady is lacking and how to work specifically on improving those areas. We have determined that his left leg is quiet a bit weaker than the right. It's hard to know if this is a permanent neurologic injury due to the tumor that was compressing his spinal cord, or if he will be able to recover and build up his strength so that his gait is completely normal one day. Only time will tell, but I know Brady can do it, and I know for SURE God can do it!

After our drive home the day carried on as usual...then after nap time Grandma Sandy and I noticed that Allie was really grouchy. She rarely cries, but today she was just crying terribly and seemed to be in pain. After trying to soothe her for a few hours, we decided that maybe she had developed an ear infection since she had the family cold last week. I got a late appointment at the doctor for 7:30. But by dinner time at 5:30 she was crying so hard and was totally exhausted. I decided to pack her up and leave at 5:30 and just drive! She fell asleep and I drove around until about 6:45. I showed up early to the appointment and got in by 7:15. Sure enough, she has an ear infection. I dropped her off at home and then drove to get her antibiotic. Finally we are all home and hopefully she will start feeling better tomorrow! Poor baby...it's terrible to see my happy girl so sad!

I think I've had enough driving now :) Glad to be home in my bed!

Just thought of a few more Brady updates: His surgery will be June 5th...no luck at moving up the date. The scans and reports arrived in NY today and have been passed on to Dr. to review. My new contact person at Sloan is great. She followed up on my concerns regarding the histology results we are waiting for. She isn't sure why the results aren't in and has asked that the tests be resubmitted. That's all for now!


  1. Sorry Allie has an ear infection! Those are so hard on the kids. Glad you were able to get her into the doctor quickly and get the antibiotic. She should be feeling better in a few days. :)

  2. Ear Infections are no fun. Poor girl!


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