Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spoiled for a Day

Ahhh yes, we are back. Back from a restful weekend, great food, relaxing, sleeping in...

We had a great time at Geneva on the Lake. A one-night-getaway is our annual anniversary gift from my in laws. We have been to some great places over the years, but this one ranks up there among the best! There was gorgeous weather both days and we were able to take our time getting there and coming home, stopping for lunch both days and doing some shopping. Thank you Ron, Sandy, and Mom for sending us away and taking care of the cherubs while we were gone!

Here are some pictures:
We had lunch here on Friday

These are a few shots from Geneva on the Lake

We got to take a private boat ride (private because no one else showed up!). Hey--it was free! The "captain" (20 something guy named John who also mowed the lawns) was terrific and showed us some sights including Belhurst Castle. We ended up driving there today and checking out their gift shop.

My favorite picture is this one of my "fruit martini" at breakfast! Delicious fresh fruit...yum!

I just thought of my new dreamjob: Blog reviewer of getaway destinations!

The kids are all starting to feel better, even though runny noses still abound! Matt and I are pretty sure we are getting sick again, we'll see. Our goal is to get everyone back to 100% so that Brady's surgery will happen as scheduled for Friday.

One more reminder: It's not to late to sponsor my friend Laura who is raising money for Golisano Children's Hospital in honor of Brady. To help with this worthy cause CLICK HERE


  1. You deserved every minute of the getaway. Now start nipping out of those antibiotic bottles!
    Little ones are so cute, and so germy. We always come home with the plague after visiting our grandsons.
    Prayers are with you, day and night!

  2. P.F. Chang's...yum! So glad you got to get away for a day. Praying your whole famile gets well, no more sickies! :)

  3. Glad you had fun!! :o) I've wanted to check out Geneva on the Lake for a while--good to know you like it a lot. Stay healthy if you can!!!



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