Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye Week!

You know those weeks of your life that you would just assume forget? It's been one of those...

The kids are all still suffering in one way or another from this cold. I noticed this morning that Eli was coughing more than yesterday, but his spirits were pretty good, he was just a little clingy. After his nap though I noticed he just wasn't right. He walked around the house doing his usual things, but without the Eli spunk he usually has. His temp was 102 and I noticed his eyes were glassy. He started coughing quite a bit, so I called the doctor and got an appointment for 4:50. Matt rushed home by 4:15 while I quickly prepped dinner, gave the kids a snack, and fed the baby. Eli and I made it to the doctor right on time and his diagnosis...RSV!! I was horrified because when you have premature triplets, the whole first year of their life you dread getting this illness because of how it can compromise their lung function. It certainly isn't that serious at age 2, but I was shocked none the less. Basically he has a bad cold, ear infection, and chest congestion/wheezing. My poor baby...he is on antibiotics for the infection and other than that we just wait and watch to make sure his breathing doesn't get worse.

So, at the end of this week as I think to myself, how do you pack a CT, MRI, anesthesia, heart murmur, precancerous mole, big head (ha!), 3 people with colds, and 1 boy with RSV and an ear infection all into one week? Come live with the Williams family, that's how!

If I'm not laughing about, I think I'll cry:)

Thank goodness tomorrow is the Praise Night. I certainly need to refocus myself and celebrate the miracles God has done in Brady Andrew's life. As I drove home from my 9pm trip to the grocery store I thought about what would get me back on track tomorrow morning? I know just the thing, seeing my little boy toddling across the kitchen floor while saying, "Brady walkin!" That should do the trick...
Please join us tomorrow night at Oakfield United Methodist Church for an evening of Praise at 7pm~~~~ All are invited to this free event~~~~~~~~~


  1. A hug out to you. Hope everyone feels better and that next week is a perfect one!

  2. That is one crazy week! Hope everyone gets better soon.


  3. What a week! Thanks for sharing. You certainly have the gift of looking for the bright side of things. With your life, that's God's grace in action! Hang in there. We're praying for you all. Go to that Praise night . . . I agree . . . it'll be good for you!

  4. I am praying for you all!!! Sounds like a crazy week in the Williams household! :)

  5. Your faith and spirit is inspiring!

  6. Poor you, hugs and prayers winging your way. Pam xx


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